October 7, 2011

Contrast & Completion of Ashley's Passage Garment

This is to show you how a garment can change design and style before it is completed. Now it does not happen often; but when it does, you know it was changed by God. I wanted to share with you the progresion of photos.

Orginial Design ~

Orginial Design
Bodice of original design
Final Design ~

Photo of ~Ashley Hartle
Courtsey of ~Suzie Lemire

Now with that all said... There were a few ladies that helped work on this garment.  If I could add a zoom, that would give you a clearer picture of the style. :)

If you know anything of sewing and design, I will try and describe it.

*There are scattered beads all over the bodice front.
*Box Pleated shirt attached to the bodice.
*Sheer sleeves attached by a few beads.
*Pleated Belt.
*Pleated Neckline of purple, to contrast.

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